Our Objectives

Broad Objective

To promote and strengthen professional excellence through development of programs that will strengthen Nursing/Midwifery professional conduct education, practice, research, leadership and management to improve service delivery and uplift the quality of health of the communities in the ECSA region.

The specific objectives:

To promote regional collaboration, co-operation and networking with member states and other organizations with similar interests.
To create a unified forum that speaks authoritatively for the nursing and midwifery profession in the Region on issues affecting nursing and midwifery health.
To promote and support production of relevant health learning materials.
To provide a forum for continuous collaboration and networking between Member States for the coordination of nursing and midwifery activities in the Region.
To promote and facilitate harmonization of regional nursing/midwifery education and practice.
To facilitate opportunities for continuing education.
To provide leadership to nurses and midwives in the region.
To strengthen nursing and midwifery education, practice, management and leadership and research in order to contribute effectively to Health for All.
To respond effectively to changing health needs within the Region.
To promote reciprocity for licensure and practice and maximize utilization of scarce resources.

Functions of ECSACON

To strengthen systems for delivery of services.
To establish quality improvement systems and promotion of better practice models.
To advocate for policy changes and development that would facilitate delivery of quality care.
To improve and strengthen information management systems, communication, build partnerships/alliances through collaboration and networking with other stakeholders across the member states and internationally who have similar interests.
To empower the constituents of ECSACON (NNCs/NNAs) through motivation, building their capacities, skills development in leadership and management and resource mobilization for sustainability of the organizations.
To mobilize adequate resources.
To promote, organize and conduct post graduate education and training in nursing/midwifery.
To promote the highest level of skills attitudes and efficiency in nursing and midwifery practice.

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