The International Council of Nurses (ICN) established the Global Nursing Leadership Institute (GNLI) in 2009 to provide a leadership programme for nurses in senior and executive level positions. The GNLI employs an action-learning approach within a collaborative and stimulating learning culture. Participants review and enhance their leadership skills and behaviors related to national and global health priorities.
The 2016 ICN GNLI took place in Geneva, Switzerland from 17-23 September 2016 and gathered 26 senior nurses from 22 different countries. The 8thcohort of this programme, dedicated to “Nursing opportunities in a world focused on sustainable development”, was tailored to take forward nursing leadership priorities and develop creative, innovative strategies to keep the world focused on sustainable development.
Among the delegates who attended the course was a Senior Program Officer for the ECSA College of Nursing (ECSACON) Mr. Alphonce Kalula. He rates this course as one of the best as it empowers leaders to be able to exercise their leadership skills to the full potential. The course is well programmed as it begins with identify the individual capacity development needs, packaged in a way to ensure address the gaps identified before the commencement of the course.
The course covers a number of practical sessions on key global health issues including Vision and being strategic, teal building, policy and politics, international health policy and influencing the agenda, self-awareness and leadership.

With the leadership of Professor of psychology Dr. GinkaToegel from the Institute for Management Development, the course participants had an opportunity to evaluate their personalities and how positively or negatively it influence leadership style. Of most important the team building was a buzzword and was vividly demonstrated throughout the program.
A number of invited guests from international organizations had an opportunity to interact with the trainees including Global Alliance for Vaccination Initiative (GAVI), World Health Organization (WHO), International Red Cross and Red Crescent, Intrahealth International.
Following the intensive 8-day programme, which was marked by the release of the recommendations of the UN Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth, the ICN/GNLI 2016 participants called on nations and the World Health Organization (WHO) to invest in nurse leadership for the successful attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Responding to the UN report findings that investing in the healthcare workforce will create jobs and drive economic development – two essential aspects of promoting the health of nations – ICN/GNLI 2016 identified nursing leadership as critical for developing and implementing national workforce plans and helping nations to address the SDGs, including reducing gender inequality.
Reported by Alphonce Kalula, Senior Program Officer- ECSACON

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