ECSACON receive visitors from Botswana chapter

visit to ecsaThe day of 10th February 2015 was one of the memorable days for East, Central and Southern Africa College of Nursing (ECSACON) when the college received the visitors who are ECSACON members from Botswana. Among the things discussed during their visit was the best ways to strengthen the college. The visitors were warmly received by the Vice President of ECSACON Mr. Gustav Moyo on behalf of the President of ECSACON Mrs. Susan Otieno. In attendance was the Senior Program Officer of the college Mr.   Alphonce Kalula.

During the discussion the Vice president of ECSACON was able to highlight the current activities the college is undertaking following General Meeting held in Harare, Zimbabwe in September 2014. One important area which took center of the stage in the discussion is sharing of ideas as the college is embarking on revision of the strategic plan of the college to address ever changing health needs and disease pattern including Ebola disease and the important role played by nurses and midwives in addressing such epidemic when it occur.

In conclusion, the Vice president conveyed sincere thanks to the visitors and urge other ECSACON members to arrange to visit the regional office whenever they have an opportunity to visit Tanzania or Arusha region in particular.


 From left Dr. MmuleMagama, a Nurse Practtioner and also teaching at university of Botswana School of Nursing; Alphonce Kalula the Senior Program Officer of ECSACON , Cynthia N. Pilane, NP, DLitt et Phil also from University of Botswana, Gustav Moyo the Vice president of ECSACON, and Mosidi T. Mokotedi, RN Senior Lecturere at Boitekanelo College in Botswana

MSc in Midwifery Education 2015 Intake

MSc in Midwifery Education programme at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Zimbabwe for 2015 is now open. For more details visit : Application forms are available online

For inquiries use the following email: /
Contact Dr CN Chaibva

ECSACON’s Online ContinuingProfessional Development (CPD) stimulate discussion during the Nursing Education Partnership Initiative (NEPI) Annual Summit from 21-23 January 2015Johannesburg, South Africa.

Nursing Education Partnership Initiative (NEPI) program is the program which is aiming at strengthening clinical skills targeting pre-service nursing programs in six countries in ECSA region including Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa and Zambia. Considering the mission and mandate of ECSACON in strengthening the contribution of frontline health workers nurses and midwives in towards delivery of quality health care services it stands as the regional partner in supporting the work of NEPI project in the ECSA region.

The Summit was hosted by ICAP at Columbia University, the 2014 NEPI Summit brought together representatives from the 19 NEPI supported nursing and midwifery schools, the NEPI Advisory Groups including representatives from the Ministries of Health and Ministries of Higher Education, Nursing Councils and Associations, US Government , nursing education leadership from Sub-Saharan Africa , Non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) from the larger regional and international nursing and midwifery community and other donors.

The objectives of the 2014 NEPI Summit wereto;

  1. Communicate the contributions of NEIPI on the production, quality and relevance of nurses and midwives to address essential population health needs and strengthening and sustaining a strong HIV prevention, care and treatment response.
  2. Share innovative models and practices for health workforce recruitment , education and retention in low resource settings
  3. Review models for sustainability and long-term growth of pre-service nursing and midwifery programs and relevant models from the Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI)
  4. Identify ways to increase inter-professional collaboration between PEPFAR-funded education initiatives.

ECSACON represented by the Senior Program officer Alphonce Kalula was granted an opportunity to share college experience in supporting pre-service nursing education towards meeting AIDS- Free Generation goal. In addition to that, the college was able to share experience in mounting online the online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Library which was recently launched and mounted in ECSACON website ( to increase learning accessthrough online platform. It was an opportune time for marketing the library through that forum as recently ICAP has granted permission to ECSACON to host the Option B+ module and ECSACON is certifying the candidates who have gone through that module.

During the opening of the summit a number of presenters had opportunity to stress on key issues to guide the interaction and stimulate discussion. Among the speakers was Wafaa El-Sadr the Director of ICAP who emphasized on the ICAP mission of ensuring the wellness of families and communities by strengthening health systems around the world. Another prominent speaker was Harold Phillips from U.S Department of Health and Human Services who stressed on the importance of maintaining partnerships in reaching AIDS-Free Generation target siting the example of Nursing Education Partnership Initiative (NEPI) and Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI).

The key note address was delivered by John Palen from The U. S. Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC) which is leading implementation of the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). In his remarks he shared the global AIDS situation before PEPFAR came into being and the milestones attained so far. In his remarks he also shared the new PEPFAR agendas and priorities for achieving and AIDS-Free Generation which emphasize on Impact,Sustainability, Partnership, Efficiency and Human Rights. He went further to provide the contextual meaning of sustainability as far as PEPFAR is concerned as indicated in the quote below;

“Being sustainable means that countries have affordable, quality, locally owned (managed, implemented and funded) HIV/AIDS services and programs.”

                                                                Ambassador Birx

ECSACON reiterated its commitment to continue availing support towards sustaining the achievements gained so far and disseminate the innovations demonstrated by NEPI project in bridging the gap between theory and clinical skills to other ECSACON countries.

ECSACON join ECSA Health Community Medical and Surgical camp in Malawi


The East Central and Southern Africa College of Nursing (ECSACON) which is the professional body for nurses and midwives in ECSA region, aggregated nurses and midwives and nurse specialist such as theatre nurses, critical care nurse inTyolo district Malawi for two weeks from 6-17 November 2014 to join other health professionals including Surgeons , Physicians of different specialties such as orthopedic , urologists, cardiologists , Anesthetists and Physiotherapistsin providing medical and surgical services to more than 100 patients. The nurses and midwives played an important role in offering services right from the screening of patients, to theatre, critical care and general care in the wards under the leadership of Mr. Optatus Silanda a critical care nurse specialist from Tanzania.

The camp held in Malawi was the third one following others held in the Kingdoms of Lesotho and Swaziland in 2012 and 2013 respectively where by nurses and midwives played a key role in supporting the camp.

The Director General of ECSA Health Community Professor Yoswa Dambisya and presidents of ECSACON and College of Anesthesiology of East, Central and Southern Africa (CANESCA) and the Immediate past president of the College of Surgeons (COSECSA) was in attendance . During the handing over meeting, The President of ECSACON Mrs. Susan Otieno urged nurses and midwives to embrace team work and collaborative care which has shown to reduce stress and burnout among health workers. She reminded nurses and midwives to provide quality care both in the hospitals and households in the community in order to meet the changing realities of interdependent health demands of the region

She used the opportunity to appeal to the nurses and Midwives in the region to join and actively participate in ECSACON country chapters activities. She further said that by beingECSACON active members, the college would grow from strength to strength in representing nurses and midwives in the region

ECSACON mobilized nurses and midwives from its country chapters including, Swaziland, Malawi, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.



  • President of ECSACON receiving a certificate of appreciation from the Honourable Minister of Health for Republic of Malawi DR. Jean A. N Kalilani, M.P

ECSACON New Leadership 2014- 2018

Following the elections conducted during the 5th Quadrennial General Meeting held in Harare Zimbabwe from 4-5 September 2014, the following were elected for the ECSACON office for the period of four years from 2014-2018.

1. Ms. Susan Otieno President
2. Mr. Gustav Moyo Vice President
3. Ms. Dolorence Wakida Chairperson Faculty of Education
4. Dr. Cynthia Chaibva Chairperson Faculty of Research
5. Ms. Marilyn Msibi Chairperson Faculty of Leadership & Management
6. Ms. Sarah Siyunda Chairperson Faculty of Clinical Practice

For further information please visit our governance page

Afya Bora Consortium Fellowship in Global Health Leadership is now accepting applications for the 2015-2016 Fellowship year

There are 20 positions available for health professionals interested in a 12-month fellowship (starting July 2015) in one of our African partner countries (Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda).
The purpose of the Afya Bora Fellowship is to provide trainees with a set of practical skills that will prepare you for leadership positions in government, non-government, and academic health institutions in developing countries.
The 12 month training program has 2 components:
· A 9-week Core Curriculum, plus 3 distance learning modules, and
· Two 4.5-month assignments to sites, such as Ministries of Health, NGOs, etc. in partner African countries.
The Afya Bora Consortium is a partnership of 8 academic health centers, four in Africa and four in the United States. The four pairs are:
· University of Nairobi and the University of Washington
· University of Botswana and the University of Pennsylvania
· Makerere University and Johns Hopkins University
· Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences and the University of California, San Francisco
In order to be eligible to apply all applicants MUST meet the following criteria
· Be a citizen of US, Kenya, Botswana, Uganda, or Tanzania
· Meet ONE of the following education requirements
o Medical applicants need to have a M.D. or MBChB with a MMed, MPH or Masters degree in related field.
o Nursing applicants need to have a Masters degree in Nursing, Public Health or a related field (PhD preferred).
o Other Public Health professionals (those without a clinical degree) must have a PhD in Public Health or a related field
Applications are due December 1, 2014.
To APPLY or for more information visit our website at

The 5th ECSACON's Quadrennial General Meeting and 11th Scientific Conference in Zimbabwe

The East, Central and Southern Africa College of Nursing (ECSACON) held its 5th quadrennial general meeting and the 11th Scientific Conferenceat Harare International Conference Center -Rainbow Towers in Harare, Zimbabwe.The Scientific conference was held from 1st to 3rd September 2014 and followed by the quadrennial meeting from 4th to 5th September 2014. The occasion congregated about 600 nurses and midwives, researchers, clinicians and partners from the region and beyond.

The theme of the conference was “Increasing access to quality nursing and midwifery care: Nurses and Midwives taking the leading role.”

The main objective was to explore and share research findings, best practices (high impact interventions) as well as experiences on how nursing and midwifery will accelerate achievement of MDGs.

Specific objectives of the conference were:

  1. To share ideas and learn how Nursing and Midwifery fraternity can facilitate acceleration towards achievement of MDGs
  2. To share experiences on strengthening human resources for health for effective health services delivery through nurses and midwives that form a pool of frontline workers.
  3. To disseminate best practices and innovative ideas in increasing access to health care delivery.
  4. To learn about evidence based practices in sexual, reproductive health, maternal and child health services provision through sustainable partnerships.
  5. To share evidences towards mitigating the impact of alarming communicable and non-communicable diseases as well as risky life-style behaviours.
  6. To make recommendations on the way forward in transforming nursing and midwifery to adopt innovative strategies in order to accelerate achievement of MDGs and health for all agenda.

Lamp lighting as a Tribute to Florence Nightingale

As a symbol of nursing profession, the ceremony was furnished by the lamp lighting as a tribute to Florence Nightingale a founder of modern day nursing. This represents the light and enlightment that come with knowledge. This was then followed by an opening prayer.

In attendance was the guest of honor Professor Hope Sadza (a founder and founding vice chancellor of Womens University in Africa). In her eloquent speech, she emphasized on the need for nurses to be educated and remain in the region instead of migrating overseas. The ECSACON President Mrs Maleshone Monethi-seeiso delivered her speech followed by remarks from other dignitaries such as Professor C. Samkange-the President of ECSA College of Health Sciences, Professor Yoswa M. Dambisya, the Director General of ECSA Health Community  and Leslie Mancuso, Jhpiego President among others.

ECSACON Web and CPD Library Launch

ECSACON Website and CPD Library Launch

As part of the event the guest of honor launched the ECSACON website and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) e-library.In her key note speech, ProfessorLeslie Mancuso, Jhpiego President emphasized the importance of nurses and midwives taking lead in increasing access to quality nursing and midwifery care.She encouraged the delegates not relent in their efforts until all the MDGs have been attained.

To mark the event fruitfully, all three days were enriched by plenary and parallel sessions where interactive scientific presentations from different stakeholders delivered. Click here to access All presentations and photos of the event ..


The event could not have been successful without the support of various individuals. We are very grateful to all the stakeholders who supported this event. A few of these includes-Health Community, ECSACON, Government of Zimbabwe through Ministry of Health and Child Care, USAID, WHO, ICAP, Jhpiego, Intrahealth/Evidence to action project (E2A), ARC, ICN, ICM.

Training of Nurses/Midwifery Tutors and Preceptors on Updates in Family Planning

Provision of quality family planning (FP) services is a key component of primary health care in Uganda and beyond. Overall support for the FP component of reproductive health (RH) has gradually declined over the last decade. Mobilization of resources from other sources has proved a challenge for most programmes because of several factors, one of which is competition for limited resources with other equally important priorities within the health sector and beyond. (more…)

Helping Babies Breath and Essential Neonatal Care

The East, Central and Southern Africa Health Community (ECSA-HC) in collaboration with the Regional Center for Quality of Health Care (RCQHC) with support from USAID/EA, and Laerdal Foundation and American Academy of Pediatrics, organized a Training of Trainers Workshop on Helping Babies Breathe HBB) held from 8 – 10 May 2012 at Mazsons Hotel in Zanzibar. The workshop was organized in order to train midwifery tutors and preceptors on how to prevent asphyxia at birth leading to reduced number of newborns deaths in Tanzania. (more…)

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